Author reportage and portrait photography allow me to tell the truth, the reality of things.

Taking a picture is, to me, a sacred thing.

Over the years I focused and specialized in portraiture.

I am so passionate about photographic portraits that whenever I take one, I feel gratitude and a great sense of responsibility that makes me happy about what I do and that leads me, every day, to improve myself.

And that is why, at a certain point along my journey I stopped e asked myself: what’s beyond it?

Beyond the emotion I feel when I take a portrait.

Beyond feeling like an explorer who shares his precious discovery with the whole world.

What do I really want to give back through my passion?

Author reportage was the answer.

And the camera is the powerful means that allows me to uncover this Pandora’s box.


Reportage is a specific photographic genre which, by definition, has the ultimate goal of telling a story through images.

It makes the photograph a tangible testimony of certain events or environments.

My personal challenge is to be able to do with places and cities what I love to do with people in my portraits: the magic of grasping its essence.

Our story and our pulsating soul.

Narrating the truth of a city.

Entering a beloved place and letting yourself be permeated by its lights and shadows.

I believe that playing the role of the explorer and sharing my discoveries it’s really fascinating.

That’s where the author’s reportage’s idea takes life.

I would love, by making my works available, to give everyone the chance to travel, almost hearing the sounds and smelling the scents, even from their own home.

Enjoying not just the view, but the whole experience of a beloved place or a locality you’ve never visited.

Smelling the scent of an emotion.

Letting all of this – without useless words – reaching the eyes and the soul of who’s watching.

And feeling, together, that same emotion.