Street Photography at Milan: what is it?

Street photography at Milan is a photographic genre that, for a few years, has caught on by recruiting a number of photography’s followers. A form of photography that is innovative, never static, always up to date with the current times and, above all, realistic.  realistic.


However, the street is not an essential component to the realization of such a shot; the term  “street”  refers in fact to a generic location  where it’s possible to observe and catch  human activitiesIt was born with the purpose of catching  real and spontaneous situations in urban locations, aiming to highlight everyday life’s details .

It is a constantly expanding project, thanks to the many possibilities that Milan  gives regarding urban planning and situations to photograph.

Street photography  is, according to many, a photographic genre easy to realize and within everyone’s reach but, in reality, it is not.

professional photographer knows that it’s not enough to have an animate or inanimate subject in a urban context to realize   street photography.

It is not sufficient to shot at random, but it’s instead necessary to follow some sort of  narration  of the events and the subjects, in order to create a  street photography’s reportage  in Milan.

Street photography At Milan: what does it represents?

Street photography at Milan  represents reality, not just regarding places, but even  faces.

You have got  to be able to  narrate the mood of the subjects through their spontaneity.

The real ability   of a professional photographer  of the  street photography in Milan consists exactly in  catching a single moment and making it eternal .

An instant in perfect harmony  with the surrounding environment.  street photography speaks.

Giulio Fasiello – professional photographer has lived in the metropolis for years, and therefore knows its qualities and, above all, the places that make street photography at Milan famous all around the globe.

Let’s see together, then, the locations that I prefers

Street Photography at Milan Professional Photographer

Street photography: where to make it?

Milan  offers endless possibilities to give life to real works of art in the field of  street photography.

Let’s see the  three  best spots  for  street photography in Milan:

Piazza del Duomo

It represents the very heart and confluence point of different ethnic groups and the most extravagant situations.

Preferred by many as a ritual location for romantic and tourist photos,  Piazza del Duomo offers a range of possibilities to the  professional photographer for street photography Milan.

Not considering the classic influencer’s shots et simila, that are moreover becoming always more popular in recent years, we can say that  street photography in Milan  reaches here the climax of hyperactivity and variety.


Being one of the most characteristic places in Milan, it allows the  professional photographer  to collect a multitude of situations that are typical of the Milanese nightlife  and of the  street photography in Milan.


Probably one of the locations that are most loved by young people, for the  precariousness of the structures and the purely urban style.

The  periferia (periphery)  offers exceptional advantages for  street photography in Milan, not only with his animated subjects, but also with inanimate ones.

Each  periferia  boasts a whole of different cultures, a natural habitat of outcasts who allow  the professional photographer to recount a lifestyle far from ours, with faces marked by experiences that we can hardly imagine.

Here spontaneity reigns above all, and it’s in contexts like these that the  professional photographer  shows his skills and technique  in  street photography.

Street photography: just faces?

This type of photography  is a story that goes way beyond the classic  spontaneous portrait.


We often come across  street  photos in which the human subject is completely absent or it’s only in the background. These photos give importance to only a peculiarity that the city is offering at that precise moment.

A professional photographer in Milan   surely has more opportunities to represent the everyday’s life of a  metropolis, but it’s important being able to catch the moment.

A very important ingredient,   is the the relationship  between the seemingly static city and the moving subjects. Everything must be in   perfect harmony.

Street Photography at Milan Professional Photographer

Street photography at Milan: the event

Street Photography,  since  2018  has become a real  photographic event .

In fact, in 2018’s spring  Street Photo Milano was born, the first photographic event attached to the new  Miami Street Photography Festival.

Such an event was born with the aim of promoting  the globalization of  street photography, in order to achieve a universal and unanimous view.

A constant exchange of cultures and traditions of everyday life .

Beauty of this photographic competition is not confined to the genre it presents, but it expands to the  possibility  that it offers to Italian and foreign photographers to make  Italian photography  known worldwide.

Nationality is not important, what matters is to portray a particular scene of contemporary life in Italy.

The finalists of this competition have the opportunity to exhibit their work during  Street Photo Milano.

Winner will exhibit his works at  Miami Street Photography Festival that will be held in December