What is Personal Brand?

Are you looking for a job or a promotion? Building a Personal Brand can help you reach your goals.

If we wanted to give a definition of “Personal Brand“, we could say that it includes all of the information that are on the market and the collective idea that exist about your career and your person. 

As marketers, we often offer products and services, but we forget to “sell” ourselves.

Doing Personal Branding is creating your own brand, based on your originality and uniqueness.

If you are a professional in a specific sector, being identified in a Personal Brand undoubtedly offers an advantage.

The goal is to eliminate the veil of impersonality that rests on anyone who describes himself only as an “expert in the sector”.

What do you need a Personal Brand for?

Having your own Personal Brand is useful in order to address a targeted and selected clientele and to show your distinctive characteristics to it.

The target is to distinguish yourself from the crowd of so-called “professional of the sector” that surround you and to depict a unique and captivating picture of your business and your person.

The concept of Personal Brand is based on the idea that your identity and your profession go hand in hand. 

In other words, you don’t have a specific personality during work and another in your private life.

Showing yourself for what you are is the pivot point of this profession, because it is exactly what determines your uniqueness.

How do you create?

First, you have to define what are the distinctive traits of your personality:
who you are, what we do, why and which are our passions.
These, on a professional level, may include technology, design, the preference for some particular techniques etc.

Defining your own identity is a key point. It’s not possible to sell something of which you ignore the fundamental features. It’s not possible to sell something of which you ignore the fundamental features.

Is necessary, therefore, to have clear ideas on your identity and your business. To be unique and original.
It may seem a useless and obvious notion, but it’s not. Why?

Because, knowingly or not, you are part of a single great mechanism that leads everyone to act and appear in the same way.

Once you establish your own personality, it’s important to depict in the most detailed way possible what you do.
To show, in an easy and accurate way, your abilities and skills in the sector you specialize.

Choose the Sector

In this phase it may be crucial to inform the potential customer about your curriculum vitae, the qualifications you obtained and, above all, your previous work experiences and the positive feedback you have received.

Through the help of a Personal Brand you will conquer the thrust of a specific market and nothing more than a genuine review is able to guide and reassure someone in the moment he/she is choosing something to buy.

Remember that you’re not just selling some services, but you’re actually selling yourself.

Last, but not least, is deciding what is the target you’re aiming for. 

Considering that it’s impossible to be sympathetic to anyone, it will be counterproductive to address everyone with your product. 

It’s much more advantageous and profitable to create a message aimed specifically to those who are interested in the sector.

In order to predict what the decision-making process will be. In other words, it would be useful to analyze your costumer.

Once illustrated the steps to follow in the process of creating a functional Personal Brand, we still have to take care of the contents.

it’s fundamental to have effective content.

In the last paragraph we treated the theoretical aspects of Personal branding. In practice, what gives solidity to a brand is the creation of effective contents.

Once you choose the target you want to aim for, the only thing left is choosing the right weapon.

The creation of contents is a very delicate phase: it’s about selecting meticulously the words, images and everything that is capable of attracting attention and getting imprinted in the memory of the person to whom you are addressing.

However, there is a further element to consider in order to make the message immediate and profitable: you have to design it basing on the vehicle through which it will be shared.

To make it easy, the content will be different depending on whether it is conveyed through a website, blog or social network.

GIVE the essential information

If you have your own website, it is useful that the contact details through which you can be contacted are clearly visible on it:

Telephone number


Direct link to your social network pages

In order to make the best out of the precious tool of social networks, for example Instagram.

 You need to focus on the immediacy of the post:  choose an attractive image that is representative of your person and your work and use keywords, few but correct.

At this point, how a potential customer who has been impressed by a perfectly done post can achieve more information on your product?

To solve this problem you will need to put a referral link, in the description of the post, to your personal website or your blog, in case you have one (many marketers say that having a blog is the best tool you can have in order to sell your product).

The blog is an additional tool for gaining consumer confidence, because in it you deal with topics which you are particularly prepared about. In this way you will show your great knowledge of the sector.

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