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Diritto d’autore: che cos’è?

CHE COS’È IL DIRITTO D’AUTORE? Tutti conoscono la dicitura “diritto d’autore“, in pochi però sanno di cosa si tratta. È sancito dall’ Art6 legge 633/41:Il

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Personal Brand

  Che cos’è il Personal Brand? Se sei alla ricerca di un lavoro o di una promozione, costruire un Personal Brand può aiutarti a raggiungere

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Audi TT

Just take a look on this brand new fashion and really fast sport car from world famous brand. It has wild power and gorgeous exterior lines design. And when you open the door and take a sit inside it meets you with high level of materials and technical innovations. But most incredible begins when you start its engine.

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Road to Autumn

Autumn Shots

In this post I like to share with you some photos and emotions from my autumn trip around mountains. It was taking breath away travel. When mother nature paint all around in different autumn colors it all looks different way, like some another magic world. I do not get tired of being amazed at the variety of colors that nature uses.

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New Season

Spring is coming! Winter is almost end and new season of outdoor photo sessions is almost opened. So if you love the outdoor photoshoots it is a right time to book a photo session to be sure, that you are in the list. I have got a billions of new fresh ideas and have already update my photo equipment with brand new things.

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My Equipment

Camera and lenses for photographer is most important stuff. You can not be a photographer if you have no tools to take a picture. And quality of this equipment as important as you skills level. You can be e great photographer, but without camera in all goes to nothing. So today we will talk a little about my photo equipment.

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