My name is Giulio Fasiello, and I’m a young portrait photographer.
My job allows me to see through the soul of many people, different from each other and that is exactly why I love what I do.

Can a portrait photographer really grasp a person’s soul?

I firmly believe that it’s possible.
My purpose, when someone asks me for a photo shoot, is to immortalize the person in his essence, without any barrier.
I want everybody to be able, through my shots, to look inside themselves and find their inner soul.
For the magic to happen, it is essential for the subject to really feel comfortable and at his ease.

From the first meeting, up to the moment of greetings, I really care that there is human contact.
That you breathe a confidential and, why not, friendly air. I am the first who gets involved. But it’s not always easy to break the ice.

I really like being in close contact with people and listening to their stories, but not everyone is willing, or even capable, to open up in such a way as to leave a small window open to their interior.
You could object that a portrait photographer must confine himself to just take photos and nothing else.

I do not agree.

For me, each shooting represents an opportunity for growth from a human perspective and an experience in itself. With and through every single one of my subjects I intensely live unique emotions.
Every time it’s like finding myself in front of a new chest whose treasures I can only see through the lock. No forcing is necessary. When I manage to create that connection that I am looking for between me and whoever is on the other side of the lens, then the camera becomes a key that reveals his most precious contents.

Yes, I am a portrait photographer but no, I’m not an automaton.I am present there as a human being and, as it should be, I am also involved in the emotional process.

What kind of portrait can I offer you?

Every kind you wish.

An artwork photo, to use in your Curriculum Vitae, that’ll make you stand out in the crowd of candidates that are applying for that same position you wish to have.

Or simply to have a clear memory of a particular phase of your life, I am glad to meet your needs.
There is nothing more gratifying than reading, on the face of those who have trusted me for their photos, the satisfied expression of those who have obtained exactly what they were looking for.

It is at the moment when, at the end of the session, I preview the shots that I understand if I hit the target.
Someone look at the photos as if they have never seen themselves before, and there are those who like themselves and those who even gets emotional.
Obviously, before handing the final work, there is the post-production phase.
The more technical one in which I try, with painstaking scrupulousness, to make the shot balanced by calibrating different parameters such as, for example, colors.

Being a portrait photographer, it is important for me to highlight the most beautiful features and, if possible, to smooth out small imperfections, such as skin imperfections, that could affect the final result.
I don’t usually contort the personal peculiarities as, on the contrary, I want to highlight them.
This is why I devote all my attention and my knowledge to every shot, so that it will be beautiful to its full potential.

I try to avoid discomfort at the beginning, as well as at the end of our meeting.
I would like my work to be of help also to those who, in looking at their own photo, usually only see physical imperfections, torment of a lifetime.

Not only during the shooting does contact occur between me and whoever is on the other side. The latter, in seeing himself again under a new light through my shot, establishes a new contact with himself.

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